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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 17, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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they buddies, racket ball partners and confidants. maybe snider thought he was losing the best fan base. he needed to make a drastic change and he did. he went old school, hiring one of the best puntirs in the history of langley high school, bruce allen. veny serato resigned early thursday morning. whether it was his choice or the owner's, that is still open for speculation. serato was the right-hand man most of the last 10 years, the last two as executive vice president of football operations. but the team struggled this year, losing to three winless teams. >> obviously this is the right time for change. difficult decision, he's still a friend. i appreciate the work he did for us throughout the years. i think joe gibbs appreciates that in a big way. >> reporter: in a statement released by the team, se too, thanked dan snider for the opportunity and said, quote, he had the pleasure of working great coaches like joe gibbs,
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greg blatch and sherman lewis. noticeably absent was the name jim zorn. cue bruce allen, the new executive vice president and general manager. the first person hired by the owner daniel snider to hold the general manager title, a notable milestone after a decade of various front-office arrangements that usually center around snider and his good friend serato. >> when you got the call from dan snyder, was it a tough decision at all or was it like i can't say yes fast enough. >> i was hoping that call would come for? stereo. from away -- afar, i have seen his urgency to be successful and talked to the alumni and got to know them. i was hoping the call would come. >> reporter: allen is the son of george allen. most recently, he was the general manager for the tampay won two division championships under the leadership. previously, he worked for nine
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years in the raiders front office. coming here back home, a place his dad helped put on the map, that is special. >> it's quite exciting, you know, the former hall of fame redskins coach said where would you rather be than right here right now. and i am talking about marv lee. that is true. marv's words are true today. >> reporter: allen has been linked with former buccaneers coach john gooden, they worked in oakland and tampa bay. what he had to say about john gooden possibly becoming the next coach of the washington redskins and jim zorn's reaction to sort of being snubbed by vinny serato is coming up at 6:00. what the player his to say is coming up now. were the players surprised? >> very surprised. i want to say shocked.
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there are three games left on the schedule and think about it, they playing well the last few weeks. i spent the day in thelocker room talking to players about how they felt about the change coming at this time. had extremely high expectations into the season, you know, for one reason or other, we have not lived up to the expectations on ourselves and mr. snide her for us. >> reporter: it looked like business as usual as redskins park. they hold the open locker room for the media at noon and practice went as scheduled at 1:30. of course, there was something on every players' mind. who was this new gm? >> he was in a tampa bay, you know, lied as part of the super bowl championship team and in oakland for a number of years and has a proven track record. >> i thank is the thing. you know, you did a great job. hopefully you come in and do
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things here. >> every player was tied one way or another to vinny serato and while he was criticized widely in the press, most of the players were reluctant to do so. >> gets away from it and something he thought he had to do and obviously thank him. >> reporter: the redskins were playing better football, scoring 30 or more points in back-to-back games. this change shouldn't hurt the recent momentums. >> the discretion we had. this is nothing. we want to keep -- what we have going and other than that, this is far from the discretion. >> reporter: no discontributions. the players feel they owe him a thank you for bringing him into the organization. at 6:00, you will hear from one player who doesn't want to say thank you and doesn't seem too sad that inny serato has left.
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any idea who writ might be? >> stuck between a rock and hard place? >> he could have been. >> thank you very much. >> good to you. coming up, jim zorn reacts. i asked bruce allen if he's going to -- [ indiscernible ] i figured out that tease. sue the at 6. the players not the only ones sweating it out this season. fans have called for change and today, they got it. fox 5s beth parker talked to fans to see who was eager to see what this means for the skins. >> we have one down, one to go. >> reporter: that is what charles is thinking now. he and his buddies helped raise $1,400 from fans to make this mobile billboard. one side to dan snider the other to vinny. friends started texting him.
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>> congratulations, well-done. halfway done. >> reporter: they quickly updated their sign with vinny serato gone and hope dan snider updates his style, too. >> i think he's realizing that when fans stop going to the games, he will stop making money. >> reporter: that is way overdue. >> reporter: the replacement grew up here in mclean, went to langley high school and is a local guy. >> you don't know too much abt why i him. >> don't know a lot about bruce allen. >> we know about his dad and his older brother. that is about it. >> reporter: dad is legend airy skins coach george allen. >> allen -- to hopefully turn the thing around. >> he's got the dna to do the job. >> reporter: fans say this local guy will have some instant support from loyalists who are looking for what is lacking. >> leadership is what i think is lacking.
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>> like a new broom sweeps clean and time for a change. >> i hope he lets football people run. >> even george steinbrenner won and -- after 10 years of dismal failure. >> hopefully bruce allen will work out and my resume is on file. they would have to update the sign. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> we have complete coverage on the redskins shakeup on you can read more about the new gm and see what other fans are saying about the change. >> reporter: our fox 5 storm force is covering another big story. snow could be heading our way for the weekend. how much snow should we expect? fox 5s gary mcgradyy is here with a look at how the storm system is shaping up. >> reporter: you can bribe me. you're right, i mean, we have been talking about this the last few days now. giving you an idea that something is coming.
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we have officially a winter storm watch that is posted by the national weather service. you request see this, too. this runs from late tomorrow night until right on through the day on saturday and into saturday night. it may have to be adjusted to include some of sudden morning and it doesn't look like at this point, we have a good enough handle on this storm's timing yet to realize whether not it's lingerring on sunday. this is where the storm is coming from, the gulf coast and getting organized now, good for a few reasons. once we can see it, we will see what it's going to do better. i would expect the next six to eight hours, we get a good handle on the forecast coming up friday into saturday and we'll look at the forecast coming up and talk about this storm as you might imagine in the full weather forecast. looks like it's effecting us friday night into saturday. >> thank you. and to a huge water main
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break in baltimore keeping families from the home. the 42-inch main ruptures this morning. those are live pictures. sky fox was over the scene earlier when the 42-inch main ruptured. people who live here -- being support to a nearby college. we can see what it looks like. you can see the road is buckled and there are also people that are in their homes. they can't leave the department of public works and doesn't know how many homes it lost water and we'll stay on top of this and keep you updated. several hundred thousand worth of diamonds stolen. the thieves sent a -- at gunpoint. year year the -- near the sheraton parking lot. this is where the diamond dealer was parking the car and
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coming out of the car. approached by three masked gunmen, when they stole several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds the man had on it. the stolen diamonds were loose like these shown here and police say there were lots of them. >> in a moment. >> fairfax police say a new york salesman that sells diamonds in the region was carrying them in his car as he pulled into the sheraton to park when three men approached him and sold all the diamonds he had. >> after getting out of the vehicle, another vehicle pulled up longside him and parked and people apparently pulled a gun on him. ordering him face down and robbed him. >> reporter: it happened around 8:00 on wednesday night. the police say it was difficult to get an accurate discretion of the three men and all three concealed their faces. >> the three people had masks
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on and covering the faces. >> reporter: as far as how the man knew when and where to find someone with an expensive stash, they're exploring all options say police. >> certainly our detectives will look at all the factors who he was here visit coming his calls were. all that sort of thing to try to determine whether or not there were any factors that we need to be aware of. >> reporter: the man was not injured and police say that several other items, they went into details, other items were also taken from him out of the car. live in mcclain , virginia, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> thank you. a breakthrough in the battle against cancer. why some say we're a major step closer to finding a cure. plus, the other couple in the white house event. opens up. how they say the mixup really happened. that is ahead tonight. >> and time to put up or shut up. the senate rushing to get
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healthcare reform passed by christmas. will they make their deadline? keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is coming back.  unthink value with the kfc 12-piece holiday feast.
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>> changes coming to metro rail if&metro bus service that may impact your commute. the transit agency plans to cut service after receiving bad financial news. fox 5s john henrehan is live in the newsroom. how does metro plan to fix the financial mess? >> reporter: the cutbacks in service on rail and bus are
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going to be extensive ones. shawn, our big local regional transit system is simply running out of money. talking about possible service cuts for next fiscal year beginning in july. the management team brought in bleak figures for the current fiscal year. projected revenues from rail operations are running 5% less than had been budgeted. projected revenues from bus fares are running 9% less than expected. altogether, the whole is $40 million in the current fiscal year b halfway over. general manager john cato is recommending significant reductions in service. on the rail side, cato recomnds length ending the wait between trains. currently, trains run every six minutes during early mornings on weekdays. the recommendation is to run trains every eight minutes instead. in the middle of the day, the current wait between trains is
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12 minutes and cato would change that to 15 minutes. the most drastic change would be in late night service, the current 20 minutes between trains would change to 30 minutes. that would really lengthen trips for people switching lines. metro's general manager suggested closing more station entrances on weekends, reducing holiday hours, speed using eight-car trains and cutting a number of bus trips and eliminating some bus stops. >> the reali is we have a $40 million drop in revenue and we have to something. the jurisdictions that are funding us do not have additional revenues. >> reporter: under metro's rules, the general manager can cut the bus service on his own and the board had has to approve cuts in rail service. the chairman called a special board meeting january 7th. these cuts in metro rail and metro bus 70 could go into effect as soon as february. laura? >> we'll stay on top of it.
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thank you. take on healthcare reform. the battle's gone on for months now and the struggle could stretch into christmas eve. the senate majority leader promised to pass the overhaul while republicans are promising to stand in he way. craig bosswell has the latest. >> we're going to finish healthcare, whether the other side cooperates or not. >> reporter: majority leader harry reid doesn't have everyone in his own party on board with the healthcare bill. nebraska senator ben nelson said the reform bill hasn't changed enough to get his vote. >> there are a number of democrats who say they have major reservations with the bill. if the bill is so good, i don't know why they can't wait awhile to allow the american people to have an opportunity to see what is in it. >> reporter: democrats want it passed by christmas. >> section 1513. >> reporter: republicans are fighting the measure by requiring the senate to follow the rules and we -- all new amendments allowed, bringings debate to a halt for hours at a
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time. >> the democrats know the longer they see the bill, they will like it. >> reporter: and i -- a move that could gain moderate votes like joe lieberman that upset the liberal wing of the party. >> i think it shouldn't be a challenge for this administration to suede liberals. this is a good -- persuade liberals. this is a good outcome. >> reporter: democrats are, so far, sticking to the christmas deadline to pass the bill. to do that, they must begin the process of shutting down debate by saturday and with a possible decision by christmas eve. craig bosswell, fox news. more good news this week. the senate banking committee approved the nomination to give him a second term. the full senate will vote on the nomination mix month and burn an kia, peers to have enough votes but some complain they didn't do enough to prevent the recession. yesterday, "time" magazine named him person-of-the-year for the way he handled the economic crisis. sarah palin didn't have to worry about getting pelted with
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tomatoes at her latest book signing. the utah costco took all the tomatoes off the shelves. the managers at the salt lake city store didn't want a repeat. someone -- someone lobbed her. she's touring the country pushing her book "going rogue." we're hearing from the uninvited guests from georgia who made it into the white house breakfast with the president. harvey and paula darden arranged for a tourist white house but mistakenly showed up at the white house a day early. despite that mistake, they werished in for a breakfast and said they were in the wrong place. >> i didn't have an invitation. he asked me if i was a veteran. i said yes and that is when he said just to go -- as i said, go with the flow. >> he is a navy vet and said they went through all the
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security checks. he hopes their visit doesn't cause the white house any back and talk the beactivity on -- forecast. how much snow are we going to get? >> you know better than. that seriously, it's too early for us to give snowfall totals. in a few minutes, i am going to show something that gives you an idea of the scope of the potential storm from this coming up from the south- southeast. let's go to the current weher. put a lid on the temperatures, too. the upper 30s, lower 40s for everyone. for the next part, sunny and cold and sitting at 34 for dulles, 34, too and a little bit of a wind out there and where there is wind, you are getting windshields and you will get cold aught there this
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evening and that is where we're going to be. you get an idea at 7:00, the perform at 34 degrees. the windchill value might be in the upper 20s and clouds staying with us, too and that keeps the temperatures from drop into this 20s. it looks like 9, 11:00, holding around freezing and that is in town in the neighborhood. the temperatures will be dropping into the upper 20s and that is pretty much where we're going to be up to. -- tonight. we have the big storm. it's in place and has been issued. we'll show you that and i think it's a good idea to scope and moving in. looks like late tomorrow night into saturday, there is a likelihood of snow from the systems. that is all we get for now. >> thanks for the tease. >> okay. and to a father's fight for custody of his son.
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swine flu fears and parents scrambling for the vaccine. you can breathe easier. there is enough medicine to go around. where to request to get your dose at 5:30. 
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>> tragedy for an nfl football player. cincinnati bengals receiver chris henry died after falling out of a back of a pickup truck. you can see him here in this video. he's wearing the number 15. police in charlotte, north carolina, say he was in a domestic dispute with his fiance. investigators claim that his fiance was driving the truck. they still looking into what happened, though. henry was 26 years old and was on injured reserve since breaking his arm in november. and to a bizarre story out of brazil. a man is under arrest for using his 2-year-old stepson as a view do pep -- voodo pincushion. hedmits he stuck 42 needles in him. the doctors sent the child 340 miles away for emergency
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surgery. the stepfather said he did it for revenge to get back at his wife. in brazil, a new jersey's man's fight to win dustdy of his son got another turn. goldman arrived in rio this afternoon and only to learn that the brazilian supreme court had suspended the original ruling. goldman has been fighting to get his son back since 2004 when the boy's mother took him to brazil. the redskins shakeup means a new man is in town. bruce allen is no stranger. coming up next, a closer look at the allen legacy and what it means for our hometown team. chances are you know someone whose life is touched by cancer. new reasons for hope. why some say we're the closest ever to finding a cure. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. 
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>> right now, here's some of the big stories. fairfax county police looking for three men responsible for a diamond heist. a new york man who -- in the region was carrying the gems in his car. the three men robbed him at gunpoint in the parking lot of the sheridan in tyson's and they got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. expensive cut backs could be on the way to metro rail and due to a $40 million budget shortfall. some of the suggested cutbacks include longer wait times between trains, a reduction in holiday hours and cutting bus routes to make ends meet. democrats doing what they can to pass a bill by christmas n. oop effort to do, that they -- any language regarding a government-run plan from the bill today. a big shakeup for the redskins. not at the top.
5:31 pm
dan snider is still there. vinny serato is gone. what is the story behind the new gm? >> reporter: here's the deal. you know a couple of years ago when dan snider went old school? remember spurrier di't work out and he went to tojoe gibs? went old school again. vinny serato didn't work out and went with a family name, bruce allen who recently worked withhe raiders and tampa nors and grew up here and never stopped routeing for the team he loved, the redskins. bruce's father george coached the team from 77-77, won two play-off games. bruce attended langley high school, was a punter and not bad. now the son is following in his father's footcities. >> you told me i would be standing here, i don't think i would have bet on that.
5:32 pm
it's exciting because of the history. the tradition, comfort of coming home. what makes it a good fit is i want to be in a place with tradition. the fact that i can recite most of the media made it more exciting. >> there is that. the allen family tree. won 67 games, as redskins hed coach from 71 to 77. bruce's brother george served as u.s. senator and governor. the next stop, the execute of vice president of the raiders d general manager of the buccaneers and we go to where chip carter joins us lee and thank you for joining us. we're excited, i think, to get bruce allen. what you can think of him in
5:33 pm
tampa? are you surprised by the move the father came to put on the map? the glaziers have to be happy. the family roots are in washington and he's glad to be there. i think as a cappologist, he's absolutely one of the best in the nfl. the bucs cap was better than when he left and got here. in terms of personnel moves, i think that is a different story. out of the 47 draft choices he made and probably 9. >> do you know chip, look, they haven't worked out great, they were criticized. we didn't get an offensive line. >> they worked together in oakland and tampa and we don't know who hired who. you think he's going to hire him in desin.
5:34 pm
>> i did can tell you that john grudin hired allen. we have two more yrs left in the contract extension and runs through 2011, gets paid $500 a year for that. he and his wife don't want to make another move at this time. i do not see them going to washington. >> all right, thk you very much, we'll let you know how this works out. laura, coming up at 6:00, more including jim zorn, the first comments from bruce and -- jim zorn and bruce allen. >> we have complete coverage on the web, too. to watch the press conference, get the team's reaction and a word from fans, check out
5:35 pm swine flu fears easing. there is enough supply for anyone who wants to get it can get it. while scientists say the 2009 h1n1 strain of the flu is waning, the center's warn it's too -- the doctor's warn it's too soon to be over. an international team said they cracked the cancer code. the researchers mapped out the genetic code for skin and lung. they will create new drug therapies. other teams and scientists around the globe are working to decode other types of cancer. mountains of toys aimed at helping less fortunate kids with a merry christmas. with the 1005 kids in the district they hope to help, that would be the district area. the marine toy drive is asking for more gifts. donations are down and the marine and prince georges
5:36 pm
county police department are teaming up. the police chief kicked off the push by giving $100. spreading holiday cheer. who bitter to bring a smile to a kid's face than elmo. the friend made a special visit and they were excited to meet him for a few minutes. sesame street live is -- giving elmo a chance to stop by the hospital. and gearing up for the big night for the cross-country trip. he met with high-ranking military officials to get the lowdown on what to expect christmas eve and got choked up stalking about his heros. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> reporter: santa visited for a classified briefing conducted by the north american aerospace defense command or norad. every year, norad tracks santa claus as he journeys around the world on christmas eve.
5:37 pm
today's brief included several young children and high-ranking military officials sworn to secrecy. the brief his three components, federal aviation, long-range weather models and air mission details. the officials reviewed on big screens the route, timeline, safety and potential there thes, the bring, and scrooge and what santa should do if he encounters awake children. after, the santa toured the child development center. the coast-to-coast travels are organized by santa's traveling workshop, a non-profit charity, operation christmas miracle has taken santa to visit wounded warriors in hospitals and rehabilitation centers as well as military bases. those guys and women are santa's heros, the heros of our country and make it possible for every freedom-loving person to celebrate christmas.
5:38 pm
>> to be able to bring the good will, especially to the american public in the time of need. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: the man boarded santa 1. he will go to the north pole. he would be the nobody one priority on christmas eve and he was advised to only take small tastes of the cookies and milk n. colorado, alicia a coup a fox news. >> that is the -- alicia acuna, fox news. >> he should enjoy all the cookies and milk. >> yeah. >> and vegetables. >> santa's list is checked. whether you're struggling for a perfect gift or haven't started, don't stress. the fox 5 money team is here to help. a student called out for read something don't miss the
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>> a third grader and her bible. at the center of an elementary school controversy in the garden state. the mother of the 8-year-old student is upset because the teacher told her daughter to stop reading her bible. she was eventually ordered to go to the principal's office. the teacher said her book of choice had no place in school. spare time or not. the teacher told her to put it away and she put it in the desk. i told you to put it away. >> reporter: the principal has since offered an apology. the little girl's mother is now getting a lawyer and is considering a lawsuit. listen up, all of you shoppers. simple saturday could get interrupted.
5:43 pm
snow is on tap for the weekend forecast. the question is how much. gary has the forecast coming up next. p
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>> the countdown to christmas is on and retailers are sending a bit of a crush. it appears americans are procrastinating. if you're among them, will you be able to cash in on the last- minute deals? that is the question. tonight, here's fox 5s money reporter melanie alnwick with the answer. >> reporter: it's good to know i'm not alone. the majority of americans have half of their shopping list to complete. 40% have not even startd the shopping yet. retailers are getting ready for a rush of last-minute shoppers. the recent surveys show that most people plan to complete the shopping this weekend. good luck with that and there will be promotions and discounts to get buyers in the door. don't count to find the perfect gift. as predicted, a third of
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customers found an item they wanted with out on was out of stock. online shoppers, you better get moving if you want free shipping. we found a few retailers to give it to you past tonight. the purchase requirements tend to go up. now as late as friday, december 18th, -- on select items only, victoria secret with a $50 minimum and vans with a $75 minimum. you can shop at harry and david with no purchase, with a $50 purchase of select merchandise and lord and day with $99 minimum for free shipping o. sunday, the 20th, the body shop will ship for free with a $60 purchase, l.l. bean with a $75 purchase and you have to spend $100 there for free shipping. you can get a complete rundown of the last-minute deals at and we put a link for on you the website. and we talked about that.
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pie chipped on spending more with cash. i don't know if anyone will get there. >> oh, yeah. >> gary is going up. >> you haven't started? you have not now? >> as a family. my wife and i. >> not finished. i'm done. done for a while. >> now, mel brought up a good point. i don't know how many people want to go out and shop this weekend. >> you'll be able to go out. i better not say that. >> gary, don't be an alarmist. >> exactly. >> i don't want to be accused of that and i'm not saying off the top of that, i show to you do this. it's too early to start talking about specific snowfall totals for us on saturday. there is too many variables for this stomp that is all the way -- storm in the gulf of mexico to worry about. that gorgeous shot from the mormon temple this morning, that is from sky fox this
5:49 pm
morning. all lit up out there, as is most of washington out there. and listen, again, we have the storm system coming and it looks like all indications are that it will be a disruption into saturday and sunday, okay? just keep that in mind. hopefully it will hit us and move on. so at least the second part of the weekend, we can get sunshine and won't be doing with two days. looks like one solid day of snow flying around here. 34 degrees for the city; the temperatures dropping for gaithsburg at 37. there is a bit of a windchill factor tonight, okay. it's been cold and going to be cold out there, too. the national weather service went ahead and issued the winter storm watch for everybody. all of the counties in blue here and let me show you the extent of what is issued already. down from north carolina all the way up into southwestern sections of virginia. that is the winter storm warning that you're seeing in pink. that has not been extended
5:50 pm
fatherrer to the north yet. there is a potential that that could happen. you get the idea that the amount of real estate up and down i-95, the storm is going to affect and it may continue to effect north of us, too. and the is no watches warning. and no warnings issued yet. again, the storm system has the potential to change directions a couple of times. clouds for us this afternoon. we fly you into the gulf of mexico. this is the beginnings of our storm system going to arrive friday into side, okay. it's beginning to go now and look already, a big area of moisture and rainfall ahead of the storm and what you can see is all the lightning that fired up down in the gulf of mexico, too, indicated it goes into the gulf. this is future cast tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and mostly cloudy here. the yip is coming from georgia and south carolina and watch
5:51 pm
what happens. this doesn't change much from the last few days, too. friday night, tomorrow evening at 7:00. we're dry here and notice down to the southwest. the snow is coming up. the rain is coming into the colder air, of course, turning into snow. by saturday morning. just about everybody 7 clued in snow here and fth to the southwest, where we were seeing the storm warnings, that is where the heavier storm is falling and we have transition going through sainter mary's and -- saint mary's and charles county here. is this is where we can think to get divergence of the storm and forecast. we continue to snow into 6:00 saturday. that is a good, certainly a good 12 to 15 hours of snow here in the metro area and notice, the snow is moving down to the southeast, too. everybody will cover it in. >>. afr saturday at 6:00, we're not sure what the storm is going to do. is it going head off to sea or is it going run up the coast and become an official
5:52 pm
nor'easter? that is what we don't know yet and that really is going to dictate how much snow we eventually get and right now, this gives you an idea of what we're looking at. the storm system doing through saturday. the bull's eye, the heaviest snow into southwestern virginia. that comes all the way up into the metro. at least you can see the swath of snow, i'm not going say what the colors mean. it's a significant amount of snow. a potential our forecast guidance is suggesting. 28 back here overnight tonight with cloudy skies. we'll be mostly cloudy and cold tomorrow. not much sunshine for the afternoon. and temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s and cold. snowy on saturday. all it tells you is it looks like this will be a disruptive system through the day and night and saturday for us. sue will come in with anymore information and i think by tomorrow, tomorrow evening, we'll start thinking about
5:53 pm
showing actual snow totals in terms of what we may want to get. >> okay. >> going get. >> okay. >> because it's a changing situation. >> exactly. >> okay. >> thank you, gary. tiger's wife is the talk of the town on tmz today. we're learning new details about the house she bought in sweden on december 1st. harvey ref sin live in l.a. harvey, you guys have a copy of the bill of sale from this house. did you find anything interesting in it in. >> well, it's interesting it was signed on december 1st by his, by her father using the names elin woods, so she did use the married name. it was purchased, the bill of sale is on december 1st on, but we're hearing pretty strongly, shawn, that elin's not moving into that house. i don't know why she wants it or why they want it, but it's 59 acres. the house is just a mess and we'rhearing she's not moving into it. >> we saw pictures of it and it
5:54 pm
looks like a mess. looks like a fixer upper. how much did she pay for it? >> in american, 2.2 million. >> wow. >> but it's pan acres of land. >> -- 59 acres of land. >> that is true. $2million for a fixer upper. hopefully -- . there you go. >> that is a lot of fixer upper. harvey levine, live in l.a. >> and they said los angeles was bad. >> d.c., too. all right, thank you so much. we appreciate it. see you back here at 6:30 on tmz on tv. comingp tonight on the news edge at 6, guns, drugs and hidden cameras. a local auto body shop with one big secret. we'll tell but that and drivers get ready to dig deeper. the newest highway with the -- charging the steepest tolls in the nation. and u.s. spy drones attacked by insurgents. more on the jaw-dropping revelation at the pentagon. the news edge at 6 is coming up next. 'syo dd
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in is than a dozen u.s. park police braved the morning for a special run. today, they organized the run to honor a fallen officer. he was killed in the line of duty in august of 2002, when hit by a drunk driver. his son eric was honored at today's ron rip. i don't really think -- a special occasion. the lifetime opportunity. didn't happen every day. i think he was special. >> this young man is a part of your family as much as he's a part of mine. it's our duty to take care of him and his family and the families of the rest of the fallen park police. the news is far from over.
5:59 pm
the news edge at 6 starts right now. light get to it. everyone talking about the big snowstorm threatening the weekend. >> it's two reasons why we're concerned about this. one, it's cold enough to be all snow and you can get a storm up the coast. this looks like when it starts, it agreeing to be mainly snow and possibly a lot of it. the storm we're watching is loaded with moisture and all of our signs in the atmosphere, this could be a significant one for us. when does it get started? it will go into effect late tomorrow night and saturday and saturday night. plenty of time to get all the running around down and i would


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